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Our alternate teams are composed of SCP players under different names.

Typically for performances in festivals or niche shows, the art of the duo or trio requires a smaller amount of players and a more specific play type. 

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The B-Team is a touring group of the much longer named, Society Circus Players (SCP). 
Our form is called The Hyperlink. It plays off the idea that you start on one thing, but fall through the click-hole and before you know it you're watching a Panda sneeze for the 75th time.

Named after the 3 Bs of the group: Ali (Brains), Dash (Braun), and Chris (Beauty). 


Ali and Dash used to be together, and they're not anymore. Now they're going to tell you that story. Their long-form (500)Days explores a relationship from days 1-500 by bouncing around the timeline from first meeting, through love, heartbreak, and new hope. Completely improvised. Every story is different.

Bromance Improv Duo at a football game.

Maybelline Johnson and Evelyn LaCroix
We don't go to church... but we think you should.

Organic Kittens

Organic Kittens is a Society Circus Players spin-off travel team. The cast has played together in different iterations for about five years, and their goal is simple: just have fun together. You're all invited. 
Our form is inspired by the original long form from Upright Citizen Brigade's ASSSCAT troupe. 

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