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Bring in the clowns

Our Active Roster

We make you laugh, now get to know a little bit about us.


Hometown: Info Coming Soon


Secret Talent: Info Coming Soon


Wants to Learn: Info Coming Soon


Afraid of: Info Coming Soon. 



Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Nickname: Brooklyn 


Wants to learn: Knitting


Surprising fact: Took a class in stilt-walking. 



Hometown: Union City, NJ


Nickname: Big Daddy Dash


Surprising Fact: Pro- Wrestler, Artist, Jack of all Trades.


Obsessed with: Cinematic Adventures. 



Hometown: Holt, MI


Wants to Learn: Latin


Loves: Diet Dr. Pepper and her doggo Lancelot.


Hates: Scorpions, mascots,  and Liars. Especially hates lying scorpion mascots. 


Hometown: Union City, NJ


Secret Talent: Turkey Calls

Favorite Quote: "Hey! Where are you from?"

Surprising fact: Can run a full marathon with little to no training. 




Hometown: Miami, FL


Loves: Bike Riding


Surprising Fact: Plays Dungeons and Dragons





Hometown: Miami, FL


Secret Talent: Juggling, catching snacks in his mouth like a trained seal.


Wants to Learn: The Piano


Afraid of: Sharks with depression. 

Speedy Productions

Our Photographer


Our main photographer is the Ruben Ilizarbe. 


In Memoriam

Dustin J. Aiken

Dustin: The weird one

Dustin sadly passed away on August 7th, 2017. The entire improv community felt the loss. Dustin loved improv, he loved comedy, and he loved making people smile. He was always the first one to arrive, and the last one to leave, and always ALWAYS asked, "Is there any way I can lend a hand." 

Dustin had a habit of checking on people if he hadn't heard from them in a while. And without fail, if he ever came across something you'd find interesting or funny, Dustin would go out of his way to send it to you. 

Dustin was a clown through and through, and our funny family misses him dearly. We'll always remember Dustin in our hearts, and carry his spirit with us forever. We find ourselves frequently saying, "It's what Dustin would have done." 

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Aiken family at this time. The family has asked for all donations to support the two improv troupes in which Dustin was recently active. Everyone has been more than generous. We will no longer be taking donations directly. We strongly suggest supporting by attending shows for the two comedy troupes that Dustin was a part of: Society Circus Players and Just the Funny Theater. We'd love to see your smiling faces enjoying the thing that Dustin loved so much. 
If you would still like to make a monetary donation, please consider donating to 
The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.  


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